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The shoes are personalized with a very colorful and fun design. These sneakers have several cartoon characters and different graffiti.

If you like shoes that are colorful and at the same time very detailed, this custom is perfect for you.

Time for customization

The product is made to order so please allow time for customizing and delivery. Customization usually takes 5-10 working days + shipping.

Customization method

Hydrodipping is a decoration method for three-dimensional objects that makes it possible to put a very detailed graphic on the surface of the product. We use  hydrographic PVA film, which has been printed with a desired graphic image with latex or pigment-based ink. 

Because we use  hydrographic film to customize the shoes,the position of the pattern may be different from the photo.

Shoes durability

We use water resistant and anti crack sneaker spray on all our custom shoes which lasts a long time with good care. We use two different types of spray, a matt finisher and a  glittery finisher. 

Important information

We are not affiliated with any shoe company or brand .Each pair of shoes is legally bought at retail price and we put our own custom work on it and sell it.